Linda Howard

Holistic Wellness Coach

My journey began over 25 years ago, embarking on a career in the realm of health and wellness, driven by a strong belief in the transformative power of nutrition and the significance of mindfulness in achieving optimal well-being. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition coach and competitive bodybuilder, where I not only honed my physical prowess but also cultivated mindfulness practices to enhance my performance and knowledge.

I believe that a nourished body and mind are the foundation for holistic well-being,

My goal as your coach is to provide all the support, information and motivation you need to achieve your goals. 

I teach my clients how to support optimal health and well-being by incorporating simple and fun diet and lifestyle changes that will enable you to achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals. 

Contact me today at 813-215-8109 to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY consultation and let’s get started! During this 15-minute phone session, I will answer all your questions and determine how I can best support your wellness goals.